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    We will be beta testing a barcode based sign in process (replacing the physical sign-in sheets) for our monthly training sessions. The barcode that will be used for the sign-in is at the bottom of the registration confirmation email. You can use your cell phone or a paper print out of the registration confirmation email to sign in. This will enable us to track attendance better and also enable uploading of session CPEs directly to ISACA International.


Data Engineer (108611)

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Job Description:

Data Engineer (108611)

Role Value Proposition: 

The Data Engineer role involves extensive data engineering programming to support multiple data science teams.  The programming efforts will improve the efficacy of the organization’s data scientists by:

  • Increasing the speed of getting new data sets to data scientists by writing programs to extract data from various internal and external sources.
  • Increase the lift of predictive models by writing programs that enhance the quality of the data by feature engineering and data imputation engineering.
  • Enhancing the data scientists’ analytical cycle time by profiling and documenting data sources.


Key Responsibilities:  Analyze, design and code programs to extract structured data from internal database sources.

  • Analyze, design and code programs to join and transform data into predictive analytical record structures.
  • Profile data elements and publish profile results in written documentation.
  • Coordinate with internal and external data sources owners to establish data access.
  • Analyze, design and code program logic to add or enhance features to the analytic record set.

Essential Business Experience and Technical Skills:


  • 3 plus years of Python experience
  • Computer Science degree or Computer Science minor involving significant Java exposure.
  • 3 plus years of experience of data extraction from RDBMS and data wrangling using SQL.
  • 3 Plus years ETL coding and feature engineering for data science projects
  • Ability to profile data and document data semantics and data distributions

Preferred Skills:


  • Familiarity with using Natural Language Programing (NLP) tools to extract structured data from unstructured text.
  • Experience in creating visualizations of analytical record set data.
  • Familiarity of data science predictive modeling.
  • Familiarity with coding screen scraping logic against external sources.
  • Experience with Unix/Linux Scripting
  • Experience with Hadoop Big Data extraction.
  • Experience with extraction of structured data records from Json.


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