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2018 March Full Day Training Sessions

When: March 07, 2018 - 0800-1600

Where: Brier Creek Country Club

Registration: Website

CPEs: Upto 8

Handouts: Will Be Uploaded When available

Session A (170 member maximum)

Time: Breakfast 7am to 8am ; Meeting 8am to 4pm

Lunch: 11:30 to 1pm

Cost: Members - $75, Sister Organizations - $100, Non-members $125

Session Description: Investigative Intuition - The X Factor

Anti-fraud training often focuses on red flags, checklists or the use of technology to analyze information and detect potentially fraudulent matters for further review. However, despite increased training and significant advances in technological tools, not all fraud cases, risk assessments or audits have red flags which are easily identifiable. In these cases, detecting fraud, anomalous or non-conforming behavior, requires the expertise and experience of professionally trained auditors, investigators and risk management professionals with well-honed skills. This unique training session focuses exclusively on the use of intuition and how astute pros use their intuitive skills to successfully identify, investigate or mitigate enterprise wide risks. Intuition is rarely discussed in industry fraud training around the country but has been determined to be a "must have" skill in any information or investigation professional’s toolbox no matter what type of cases or matters they handle. The session includes tips, techniques and strategies for the development of a more insightful and intuitive based business style which has been far and away more successful for the best investigators around the world than any of the other skills the industry currently teaches.

Speaker: Daniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE Bio (attached)

Daniel (“Dan”) Draz is the Principal at Fraud Solutions and one of the world’s leading fraud evangelists. He has thirty-three years of successful fraud management (investigation, training, prevention, detection, consulting, analytics) ethics, regulatory, legal, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) experience, exclusively in the private sector. Given his extensive cross industry experience, he also develops customized training content for speaking engagements and consults with companies on their anti-fraud/risk mitigation efforts, employee training and investigation applications.


Session B (30 member maximum)

Time: Breakfast 7am to 8am ; Meeting 8am to 4pm

Lunch: 11:30 to 1pm

Cost: Members - $150, Sister Organizations  - $175, Non-members $200

Session Description:

The Security White Belt is an in-depth, one-day interactive seminar that teaches the foundational principles of application and product security. This class exists for beginners or those new to application security. The course is modular and covers security vocabulary, attacks/attackers, data breaches, business myths, the threat Landscape, software supply chain, security culture and mindset, managing security resources, soft skills, secure development lifecycle, privacy, product incident response, and trusted knowledge sources. When a student completes this course you take away what it means to be a security person, you understand that everyone in an organization has responsibility for security, you appreciate the ever-evolving threat landscape, and you can explain why security is crucial to all products and applications.

Security White Belt Certificate (you will receive this certification in addition to your eight hours CPE)

Speaker: Chris Romeo, CEO and Co-founder of Security Journey

Chris Romeo is CEO and co-founder of Security Journey where he creates security culture influencing training, consults, and speaks. His passion is to bring security culture change to all organizations large and small through the creation and design of gamified security training. He was the Chief Security Advocate at Cisco for five years, where he empowered engineers to "build security in" to all products at Cisco and led the creation of Cisco’s security belt program. Chris has twenty years of experience in security, holding positions across the gamut, including application security, penetration testing, and incident response. Chris holds the CISSP and CSSLP certifications.  For more information, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/securityjourney/