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2016 January Training Session

When: January 6, 2016 - 1300-1630

Where: RTP HQ

Registration: Website


ISACA-RTC Members - Free (Log in to register)

Affiliated Organizations (IIA, ISSA, Othe ISACA Chapters) - $25

All Others: $40

CPEs: Upto 3

Handouts:  When Available

Session I Profit-Producing Productivity

Presentation Topic:

Through my energetic and interactive presentation I will provide easy to use solutions and innovative answers to the age-old question “Where did the time go?”. The presentation of my materials is energetic, informative and motivational. Everyone will walk away feeling energized and confident that they will be able to regain lost time in their day by implementing easy time saving tips.

Presentation Goals:

Your group will be able to:

 Use their time management tools more effectively so that they are able be more efficient with their time
 Successfully minimizing interruptions so that they can get more work done
 Creating the ideal filing system so that they don’t loose valuable time searching for important items
 Successfully work out of a mobile office so that they can transition smoothly back and forth to their office
 Make time in their work and personal lives to enjoy the things they love

Presentation Learning Objectives:

Those in attendance will

 Will learn practical implementable time saving tips that they can use at work or home
 Will be more conscious of their time and the time it take them to do daily activities
 Will learn how to effectively make the most use of the time they have
 Will understand how implementing a routine will save them valuable time daily, weekly and monthly
 Will gain easy solutions on how to handle unexpected daily challenges
 Will come away with the confidence to make simple changes that will gain them more time in their day


Speaker: Lori Bruhns


Session II - Reverse Engineering

I work in the financial industry and have seen my fair share of insecure application security. For research purposes (and fun) I've performed various reverse-engineering projects which I will be sharing with the audience.  We'll discuss how I reverse-engineered a proprietary crypto algorithm, database password security, and mobile apps. In my presentation I'll discuss how to use decompiler software to view application code (and how to use that code for cracking), basic password storage [in]security, and traffic analysis for web services.

Speaker: Drew Green

Drew Green has been involved with IT for the past 20 years, since the age of 7. He began programming shortly thereafter and has been employed in the financial sector for the past 7 years. He holds many certifications including MCSE: Security, Security+, and CEH. He is passionate about security and as a result has founded a Penetration Testing and Security Assessment services division with his employer, an accounting firm. In his free time you can find him scouring the Internet, usually on Reddit in /r/sysadmin.