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2015 November Training Session

When: November 3, 2015 - 1300-1630

Where: RTP HQ

Registration: Website


ISACA-RTC Members - Free (Log in to register)

Affiliated Organizations (IIA, ISSA, Othe ISACA Chapters) - $25

All Others: $40

CPEs: Upto 3

Handouts:  When Available

Cybersecurity is broken.  Here’s how to fix it.

Enterprises have spent billions of dollars over the past decade in a desperate “arms race” to fight rapidly evolving cyber threats with techno-centric security products.  Yet, we are constantly reading headlines that cite another spectacular breach exposing intellectual property, jeopardizing the privacy of millionsand causing untold damage to corporate reputations and impacting the bottom line.

Why are we failing to protect our most critical data?  What can we do to prevent the loss of sensitive information and damage to our businesses?

Join InteliSecure's Director of Engineering, Jeremy Wittkop, for this two-part presentation.  In part one he will highlight the main reasons why information security as we know it is failing us in the age of the mega-breach.  In Part 2, he will describe how organizations can work to create a more effective and sustainable cybersecurity program.

Part 1: Top 5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity is Failing Us

 Siloed communication that creates security overlaps and gaps
 Failure to weave people, process and technologies into a comprehensive program
 Lack of comprehensive pre-breach planning, resource allocation and known escalation paths
 Inadequate post-breach response planning
 Failure of adequate user awareness training

Part 2: Building a Better Mousetrap – A New Approach to Cybersecurity

 Assigning accountability
 Shifting the cybersecurity paradigm
 Committing to genuine change
 Mastering the new model: Critical Asset Protection
 Ensuring the best people are part of the solution

What you will learn:

 Common security gaps that InteliSecure has identified within most organizations
 Lessons learned from today’s high profile (and often unreported) breaches
 Practical recommendations to improve your IT security initiatives
 Alternatives to the endless cybersecurity technology “arms race”

Speaker:   Jeremy Wittkop, Director of Sales Engineering, InteliSecure
Jeremy oversees one of InteliSecure’s fastest growing client support teams and is the man behind the company’s webinar series and employee training modules. The sales engineering team is tasked with reviewing and understanding the specific needs of InteliSecure’s clients to provide the optimal solution for securing their critical assets. Jeremy holds multiple degrees and has an extensive list of IT and security certifications. Jeremy’s military and private industry experience provide him with a unique understanding of today’s evolving security threats.