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2009 December Session - Incident Response & Security Innovation

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Location: RTI Dreyfuss Auditorium

Time: 1 PM - 5 PM

CPEs: 3

Session Handouts:

icon December 2009 - Global Security - Protecting a Brave New World (1.72 MB)

icon December 2009 - Global Security - The Building of a Converged CIRC (2.48 MB)

Part I - Ideas and Lessons Learned In Building a World-Class Critical Incident Response Center (CIRC) 

Roland Cloutier, Vice President & Chief Security Officer of EMC will detail the EMC's newly constructed world-class Critical Incident Response Center (CIRC). The CIRC is the company's security hub that monitors a network supporting more than 40,000 people worldwide in more than 500 locations in over 100 countries. Established to enhance the identification and response to actuated negative impact events within EMC, the EMC CIRT was a processed born team that consolidates 3 security monitoring teams, reduced costs, and increased response and efficiencies. Dedicated analysts who continually monitor for needle in the haystack like security incidents across the EMC enterprise can quickly identify and respond to threats protecting critical information as it flows through the organization. As organizations grapple with the increasing complexity of information and the nature of risk within their organizations, many have either built CIRCS or are considering establishing centers to manage their security operations. In this presentation, EMC will share the best practices it applied to building and operating its state-of-the-art CIRC. Mr. Cloutier will examine five keys areas to address when establishing and operating a CIRC: facility, people, technology, procedures, and measurements. Critical factors will include: designing the layout of a CIRC, identifying the skills needed by personnel, defining and monitoring policies, measuring compliance, and continually improving an organization's approach to security through lesson learned in CIRC operations. Any individual seeking a blueprint for building and successfully operating a world-class Critical Incident Response Center should attend this session.

Part II: Shared lessons from your time at EMC, law enforcement and other security-related jobs

With more than 20 years of government, commercial, and critical infrastructure security, Roland Cloutier brings to EMC a diverse approach to Global Business Protection enabling EMC to grow and expand its operations worldwide. In this segment, Roland discusses and reviews EMC's converged security teams that included multiple disciplines such as Information Security, Risk management, Workforce Protection, Travel Security, Criminal / Civil Investigations, Forensics, and Customer Security. It is Roland's career experiences though the U.S. military, law enforcement, critical infrastructure consulting, and business leadership that drive this unique approach to business enablement through enterprise security services. Roland will share his experiences along the way and highlight lessons learned and paths yet to be examined that challenge conventional security leadership frameworks and drives security innovation. 


Speaker: Roland Cloutier

Roland Cloutier is EMC’s Vice President & Chief Security Officer, managing EMC’s efforts in protecting $22B in assets and nearly $15B in revenue. As EMC’s most Senior Security Executive, he is responsible for establishing EMC’s brand of trust with its customers and for providing business protection operations worldwide through the management of EMC’s innovative converged Global Security Organization. Roland has functional and operational responsibility for all of EMC’s information, risk, crisis management, investigative, fraud, and workforce security operations. The GSO’s mission is to ensure that EMC all of their brands can continue to develop, build, and deliver the worlds most trusted and leading Information Infrastructure technologies and services securely around the world.


Roland is an industry expert in the development and delivery of Corporate Protection in both the commercial and government sectors. From Critical Infrastructure Protection such as Government, Energy, and Health Services to commercial manufacturing, retail, financial, consumer, and biomedical markets, Roland brings 20 years of experience in security and enforcement program development services and leadership to this field. As an industry innovator, Roland has pioneered corporate protection programs in the areas of Global Growth Security Assurance, Third Party Management, M&A integration, and Applied Converged Security Management.