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2010 February - Open Panel Forum - IT Audit and Security

Title: Open Panel Forum – IT Audit and IT Security

Subject: Member Panels Discuss IT Audit and IT Security

Location:RTI International – Dreyfus Auditorium

Date: Wednesday, February 3

Time: 1pm to 4:30pm

Fee: Free to members (must use member logon credentials at www.isaca-rtc.org); $25 to affiliate organizations; $40 to non-members/non-affiliates

CPEs: 3 CPEs to all attendees, additional 2 CPEs for each participant per 20 minute Panel session


Handout: icon Feb 3 2010 Session - IT Security - Richard Marti (712 kB)


Session Format:           

Panels of 3 to 5 RTC members will present in twenty to thirty (20 - 30) minute sessions.  Each panel participant will share with the membership an IT Audit or IT Security experience or skill set, and the panel and attendees will take a few moments to discuss methodologies, implementation, issues.  Up to nine Panels will have a chance to come up front to share.  A facilitator will govern the time periods.  Each panel participant will earn at minimum an additional 2 CPEs for their participation as a presenter.  This event will be catered as usual by RTI’s fabulous catering service.  Registration will be limited to 65 attendees.  Those wishing to be a panel participant should email Kathy Green at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Tuesday, February 2, 8 PM.